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The Fire Fly mini propane flame unit is great for applications that require a real flame effect. Available in 1/4" or 1/2" systems, the units provides a remotely cue-able column (or fireballs) of fire 6'-15' tall (depending on units used) with a host of safety features like positive flame recognition, pilot light sensing, and an emergency shut off valves. The units can be operated directly from a remote fuel supply with no local gas accumulator. The Fire Fly complies with applicable codes and bears the ARL testing labs certification. The Fire Fly uses a standing pilot system controlled by a Honeywell Intermittent Pilot Module to assure reliable and safe lighting. Talk to a J&M Pyrotechnician about operation and required permitting for what you would like to do. (Please note, any use of flame or pyrotechnics without the approval of the local Authority Having Jurisdiction is dangerous and unlawful and will subject your equipment to confiscation)




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