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The FDNY Explosive Unit (NYC Authority Having Jurisdiction) requires that 20lb propane tanks be held inside of these heavy duty bunkers while being stored and used for effects. The bunkers are filled with sandbags and carefully constructed to protect the propane tanks from damage and, in the worst case, direct the force of an accidental explosion or rupture, up and away from surrounding people and property. The bunkers are also fitted with an active "sniffer" system that automatically shuts down the fuel supply in the event of a leak. Consult with a J&M Pyrotechnician about the unit's operation and required permitting for what you would like to do. (Please note, any use of flame or pyrotechnics without the approval of the local Authority Having Jurisdiction is dangerous and unlawful and will subject your equipment to confiscation)

Weight and dimensions

300Lbs., 30" L X 30" W X 40" H


hoses, regulators, valves, flame bars, flame mortars, fire extinguishers, burn kit, fire blankets, signage